Our Story

Hello Fabulous, I am Nariman the creator of Boema Candles!

Since 2019, this journey of candle making began with a passion for functional, botanically designed candles straight from my small kitchen.

Ever since, Boema remained faithful to deliver natural products made of pure soy wax. A natural driven wax, free of chemicals, additives and blends. Our recipe is carefully curated to deliver a functional scented candle designed with pressed and dried flowers, handpicked in the lands of our beloved Lebanon.

Today, straight from my humble workshop, Boema candles are curated in the most environmental way possible. Starting from the choice of our high grade soy wax, cotton wicks and ecofriendly fragrances, all the way to  botanical designs.

A woman run environmentally responsible business, committed to deliver the most natural candles while creating pieces of art. Pieces filled with flower magic, sparkle and an innovative spirit.

Binging nature’s love straight to your home.

Boema Love