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Boema's Botanical Candles are hand-poured in soy wax, and scented with the most sensational fragrances. Each candle is carefully designed with pressed and dried flowers, handpicked in the lands of our beloved Lebanon

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"Earth Laughs In Flowers" Collection

Boema X Spud Ceramics  

Boema joined forces with a friend creator Haloren Mellendorf from Spud Ceramics to bring to you a fabulous creation, curated with elements of earth, water, air, fire and magic! 

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Natural Beeswax & Soy Wax Taper Candles

"Pour Me A Candle" Collection

This spring inspired candle collection is perfect as a gift for your loved ones or yourself!

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Candle Care

Your candle also needs care for longer and cleaner burns. We gathered some Tips and Tricks for you on how to care for your candle. We promise, they are so easy and once you get hold of them, they become essential habits!

Tips and Tricks

Eco- Friendly Packaging

We use locally made packaging products. We only include recyclable cardboard and paper, natural ropes, fun ribbons and dried flowers from our workshop!

Our Different Packaging Ideas

Our Candle-Making Workshops

Our first series of workshops was held in February 2023. Ever since, we've been giving sensational workshops where participants come to create and design their own candle. We also offer corporate workshops for companies and groups of people upon request.


Refill Or Repurpose Your Jar

You can send us your Boema jars to refill them, or any other jar to repurpose into a beautiful candle. Make sure to clean your jars and vessels before sending them. Find out how!

How to clean your jars
  • Soy Wax

    We use 100% pure vegan soy wax with no additives or preservatives

  • Wicks

    We use natural flat cotton braided eco wicks and sometimes wooden wicks

  • Fragrance oils

    We use high grade fragrance oils specifically designed for candles

  • Packaging

    Local recyclable cardboard boxes paired with flowers, candle care tips and a
    unique thank you card!

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