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Boema By Nariman

Boema Taper Candles

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Our taper candles are poured in a special mix of pure soy wax with beeswax straight from our Lebanese beehives. 

No colors or additives are added to our taper candles. Their white and yellow colors are all natural from the original colors of the wax. We actually worked our recipe and the temperatures to give them their final look with a raw vintage texture. 

These candles are not scented, because we believe the honey scent from the natural beeswax is all you need! Beeswax can balance ions in your room and fight allergens. 

In this package you can find 2 Boema taper candles alongside 1 concrete handmade candleholder. You can choose the color of your preferred candle holder, and you can also add another candle holder if you wish. 


Pure Soy wax
Eco Wicks made of natural cotton threads
Fragrance oils
Botanicals such as dried/pressed flowers

No additives, preservatives or any other kind of wax are added to Boema candles (Except for our fabulous natural beeswax collections when they are launched! )

Package details

Our candles/burners/melts come in a cardboard box filled with shredded recyclable paper, designed with a floral ribbon

Cleaning and care

Trim your wick every burn after the first burn

Clean your jar to refill or repurpose
Check our Refill/Repurpose Section for more details

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Some Fabulous Boema things


  • Fragrance Tag

    We like it personalized so we write our fragrance names on the bottom of each jar

  • Boema Dust covers

    Our cardboard dust covers are here to protect the top of your candle. Make sure to remove them before lighting your candle

Gift Boxes

Customize your own gift box made of Boema goodies within your preferred budget!

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