Refill And Repurpose

To stay true to mother nature, one of the services offered at Boema is to refill or repurpose your used jar. 

If you already have a Boema jar, you can send it back for a refill!

If you have any unused jar at your house, be it a candle vessel or not, you can send it to us to repurpose it and make a beautiful candle out of it!

For refill or repurpose you will have to clean our jars before sending them. Don't worry, it's a very easy process especially wif your candle was made in soy wax, like our Boema candles.

Cleaning your jars:
Method 1: When your candle is not lit.

Pour some boiling water in your jar and wait for a few minutes. You can then scrap the wax with a spoon or a piece of wood and throw it away. Next, wipe your jar with a tissue and wash it with hot water and some soap.

Method 2: When your candle is lit and only 1cm of wax remains at the bottom.
Blow off your candle and pour the melting wax in the trash. Remove all wax  residues with a spoon or a piece of wood and wipe the rest with a tissue. You can then wash your jar with hot water and  soap, and voila! Good as new!




Send us a message on Instagram or an email here with pictures of your jars to make sure we can actually transform them into candles.

We'll take it from there by sending you a pick up order to take the jars from you. The rest is on us!

PS: You will also be choosing your preferred fragrances of course.